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Meet the Team

Our team of veterinarians and dedicated staff is committed to providing quality veterinary care throughout the life of your dog or cat.


Sasha Romoleroux, DVM

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Jorge Pang, DVM

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Ilan Rachleff

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Support Staff

Portrait of Jennifer Blackton

Jennifer Blackton

Hospital Manager/Lead Veterinary Technician

Portrait of Donna Schepis

Donna Schepis

Technician/ Client Care Specialist

Portrait of Michelle Mongiardo

Michelle Mongiardo

Veterinary Assistant

Portrait of Laura DelGaudio

Laura DelGaudio

Lead Client Care Specialist/Receptionist

Portrait of Tanya Delaney

Tanya Delaney

Client Care Specialist/ Veterinary Assistant

Portrait of Faithalyn Bujas

Faithalyn Bujas

Pet Care Assistant

Portrait of Lauren Mescher

Lauren Mescher

Pet Care Attendant / Veterinary Assistant

Portrait of Victoria Ramos

Victoria Ramos

Vet Assistant

Portrait of Meatball


Pet Care Attendant/ Receptionist

Portrait of David Huber

David Huber


Portrait of Robin Huber

Robin Huber